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We ensure 100% global reach for your business through Websites, Marketing and Mobile Applications

Social Media Services

Social Media is free advertising and a great way to get people talking about your Company. Let us create and manage your Business Profiles, it has become a powerful marketing tool in helping expose your brand and to meet new clients. You might not have the time to manage your Social Media profiles, dont worry at all we got you covered , We can help the best way possible.!

Why Social Media Management?

Informair's team of social media managers and designers use their experience and passion to develop the best strategy for your business. They know just the right tricks to create engaging posts and ads that not only hook your customer’s interest, but bring them back for more.

Profile Management

Facebook and Instagram are two of the largest platforms on the planet, so why not take advantage? Both possess in built advertising and analytics tools that can help you microtarget to exactly the customers you want to engage.

Return on Investment

You deserve to get the biggest bang for your buck. We offer monthly reports detailing in depth user demographics, acquisition, and engagement statistics based on Facebook’s inbuilt pay-per-click advertising model. We turn leads into conversions and have fun doing it!

Strategic Planning

Your business strategy is dynamic, and so are our management strategies. Based on our monthly reports, we pivot our approach to make sure you’re always getting the greatest return on your investment possible.

What Sets us Apart

We take client relationship to heart!

It’s time to measure your social media marketing budget and convert it into revenue-generating traffic, leads, and even sales. On the part of our job is to identify, grow, and nurture potential leads. The other part is to convert them into paying customers using captivating messaging and creative story telling.

We go beyond boundaries with creativity and mind-bending solutions, while responding to the most demanding conditions with precision and deep thought. 

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